Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Gift


I tire of hearing so many worry about their deaths.
Fearing the inevitable.
Distressed by the passing of time.
We all die.
It is the way of things.
We cannot wrest destiny of this one single truth.
There is no avoidance of the inexorable passage of life.
We all die.
No matter who we are.
No matter where we breathe.
No matter the size of our bank account.
We all die.
Death is our last point of consciousness within the cycle of life, as far as we know.
The great equalizer.
I prefer to choose life.
To take charge of living my life.
Nurturing the quality and impact that my one life can have.
I prefer to not grasp, barter or negotiate for time unearned.
By embracing the inescapable,
I have found that I am thankfully reminded of the urgency of living.
This is the gift of mortality, of ineluctable death.