Friday, October 16, 2009

PSA - Eli Lilly is Scrambling


Dear Tamera,

Last week I invited you to send your personal note to Eli Lilly thanking them for the cancer they are creating with rBGH.

Many people did just that, and it's having a huge impact. In response to our efforts, Eli Lilly's even begun covering its tracks, recently putting out an "independent panelist report" purporting the "safety" of rBGH - we have to keep the pressure on!

If it got by you last week, it's not too late now to get a card sent in your name to Eli Lilly. Just $10 bucks to BCA, and we'll send that card in your name.

If you sent a postcard to Eli Lilly last week, great and thank you. Click here to ask your friends and family to join you in sending a card to Eli Lilly.

Not only do we have a shot at stopping Eli Lilly from milking cancer… but your dollars will be used to keep us bad girls of breast cancer working hard. With an outfit like ours, every single dollar counts.

All the best, and thanks!

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