Friday, October 22, 2010

Marking the Day

A birthday. A milestone of time? Yeah, but what else? Hash marks on calendars? Crow’s feet on the face? A skirmish with the forces of gravity? In its sum, what does celebrating “a birthday” mean?

A compelled moment to take stock? Hmm…new year celebrations and anniversaries allow (if not insist) for that.

A reminder to be appreciative for last year and look forward to the next? Too Hallmark-ish.

A time for tolerated narcissism? A time to be personally recognized for our basic essence…that is, being US…ME? Maybe.

Why do we want, no need, to have the anniversary of our birth actually mean something? Is it because we are a narcissistic species who like to believe ourselves capable of appreciation, reflection, optimism and therefore recognition? Probably getting closer to the truth.

From where I sit, I think it may simply mean that, today on the marking of my birth, I have the scoring advantage. . . .

“Visitor (Reaper) -0- / Home (Me) -49-“ 

For today, that’s enough.


  1. I think of birthdays as an opportunity to tell my loved ones that I'm glad they were born and have blessed me by becoming a part of my life.

    You have been a true blessing to me, TC. Thank you for being born!

  2. I think people come in (and out) of our lives for a reason. To teach us something...about ourselves or the world in general. Thank YOU for coming back into my life 30 years later!

  3. You say "narcicism" like it's a bad thing. What's up with that?

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  5. I've missed you. How are you? I have been wondering if everything is OK.

  6. Dee - I hope you holiday season was peaceful, joyous, and healthy for both you and your husband. Thank you so much for thinking of me. Other than my stress barometer continuing its ascent - life is life. It would be too greedy to ask for anything more. ;=]]