Friday, October 1, 2010


Individually we do not choose to develop cancer. (Arguably carcinogens and cancer cells are within and without us. Since, as a species we suck at the "holistic sustainability" thing it would appear that the carcinogens are outnumbering us. But I digress....) Again, individually, we do not choose cancer. Those of us may smoke too much (of any/many substances). Those of us may drink hard and too much. Those of us may be addicted to processed food. On and on...etc, etc. etc. But at no time as we indulge in these human frailties do we say: HEY…CANCER, let’s do it!

Okay. So, then we do develop cancer. Whether it be breast – ductal, lobular, invasive, non-invasive, HER+, HER-, BRCA1 or BRCA2…blah…blah…blah; prostate; lung; pancreatic; colon. You get the picture. So, there we are. Now what?

The NOW WHAT is when our choices become more poignant. The NOW WHAT is when our choices become more individualized then we could ever anticipate. And, the NOW WHAT is when our choices have an unimaginable impact on those who know and love us (and probably those who don’t like us so much either certain opposing counsel, you know who I am talking about!).

Are there wrong choices?

Are there smart choices?

Are there self-destructive choices?

Are there plain old stupid, idiotic choices?

Probably. Maybe. Certainly. Human. . .right?

The only thing I know with absolute resolve and certainty is that there are only individual choices. Colored within the context of our own psyche and circumstances.

Do our choices show who we are?
Of course.
Should I judge or be judged by my choices?
Get a life!
Am I different than everyone else.
Of course.
Are my choices right for you?
Only YOUR choices are right for you. If our choices happen to overlap, then maybe we are kindred spirits. (I met a kindred spirit recently who had a tremendous impact on me. A kindred spirit is quite a fabulous find.)

But if our choices repel against each other, my only choice is to respect and champion you and your decisions.  Ah, if only human nature could be as accommodating, regardless of the context...but that is fodder for another blog.

Disclaimer:  On my way back from the 1.5 hour breast MRI on Tuesday I was rear-ended, in rush-hour traffic, on the highway by a car going approximately 30 mph. I was dead still (NO pun intended) stopped for the traffic in front of me. For the science majors our there, the velocity and impact of a stationery vehicle with one going moderate speed is substantial. Among other things, I appear to be functioning (debatable) with a concussion. If the above musings do not make sense, you can choose to attribute it to the concussion - or - I may just be too damn esoteric. I choose the latter.

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