Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Life Happens. . . Even if You Have Cancer

****** Just because I am a person dealing with breast cancer; and adjuvant treatment options; and trying to find an enlightened oncologist that I can partner with in my quest for long term survival, does not mean that I am immune from the mundane and frustrating aspects of day-to-day life! No "get out jail card" here!

Hard drives still crash. Rebuilding a professional and business life that is sustained by said hard drive is still an agonizing and time-consuming endeavor. (And yes, Alice, I have now invested in yet a THIRD back up system. This techno-nightmare enabled me to discover that off-site data preserve and central network system do have gaps.)

Work still can become all consuming 7-day a week grinds. Can or should I complain? Absolutely NOT! Not in this economy! It does, however, put the breaks on side indulgences (like sleep, writing, and social contacts).

Kids still need to get early decision college applications done and study for SAT subject matter tests -- both of which, ironically, share deadlines. The tension that combustible combo causes is fodder for entirely different blog!

Husbands and business partners still have to travel for days at a time to tend to the needs of our diverse clientele, leaving me solo at the helm on both fronts.

And yes quarterly tax reports (ooohhh...taxes...the other half of life's universal certainties) and end-year planning for all of my myriad avocations have arrived. Hello!

Who has time to deal with cancer? Life itself eats up all available time!

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