Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kindly...STOP Waving the Pink Ribbon in My Face!


Dichotomy – splitting into two polarized groups; opposed by contradiction; differentiated between practice & theory

As I was pulling into the home driveway yesterday evening I got a call on my personal cell displaying an unfamiliar phone number. It had already been a confusing day. I had just arrived 10 hours prior from an emotionally charged 5-days in New England, and had spent the day dealing with myriad of “high octane” feelings. I thought when you “left your heart” in a distant geographical location the sensation would be that of a gaping hole in your chest wall. For me, since Sunday and my departure from N.E., my chest wall is exploding! I can’t catch my breath. Indeed, I almost feel like if I were able to I would erupt on the exhale.
But I digress. Back to the unexpected call and the unwitting caller...

A very chipper voice on the line greets me with “Hi Tamera! This is Janice. Janice? I am so excited to share with you that we will be shortly getting in our Pink-Ribbon Breast Cancer Survivor Bracelets and we are taking pre-orders. I didn’t want you to miss out!” Well OMG my arse! “Janice, darling (I have a BFF who uses “darling” to refer to nearly everyone. As a slang-word junkie I thought I would try it out myself in discreet situations – like when it would not be appropriate to verbally rip someone a new one). . .Janice. as a SURVIVOR let me tell you that although I so appreciate your thoughtfulness, not to mention your exuberance, I would not order, pre-order, purchase, gracefully accept, adorn myself or even consider giving as a gift to my nemesis a ghastly pink-ribbon doo-dad. If I wanted to broadcast my status, I would sew a yellow star to my clothes; embroider a scarlet C on my chest; or indulge in word-vomit all over a self-published blog. Obviously I have chosen the latter. Thank you very much." Janice came up with at least 17 different ways to sputter out an apology. Poor darling – I probably was a tad harsh.

For those of you who have traversed my path through the maze that is breast cancer, you may recall my vehement disdain for the Pink Ribbon Industry that has capitalized on raising awareness (like who has not heard of it) of breast cancer by merchandising, packaging, and marketing breast cancer as PINK & FLUFFY!!!!!!

It is not.

Realistic adjectives for breast cancer are: slice, dice, slash, burn, disfiguring, painful . . . in short not a heck of a lot of fun.

So, as the retail market enters their nauseating month of pink satiny ribbons, fluffy pink beanie babies, shiny bracelets and sport hats & Ts that color Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please remember “THINK BEFORE YOUR PINK” and check out bca.org


  1. post script...(Sept 24) almost succumbed to the eruption of my churning emotions. was driving to a meeting downtown, got tired of Science Friday on NPR, scanned the radio stations and found Mic singing "Angie." I cracked up at myself, almost losing it to "Angie." OY!

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