Thursday, February 3, 2011

All the Good Advice

What do all of life's milestones have in common? E.g., marriage, college choices, pregnancy, parenthood, cancer?  It would appear that with each there is no shortage of "good advice" from well-meaning sources. Even 18 months into this journey, the "good advice" keeps cropping up. A few of these tidbits are definitely worth serious look and consideration. Others...well, let's just say they raise both questions and eyebrows. I share some of the most memorable. Any insight regarding the following would be appreciated, not only for my edification but also for the entertainment value:

You should be consuming only an alkaline diet -- including water, to combat acidity.Acidity in the body gives a fertile environment for cancer cells to attach and proliferate.

You should not consume cooked spinach or blueberries.

You should never wear anything but cotton bras. Synthetic bras irritate the breast tissue and is associated with the recurrence of breast cancer.

You should adopt a vegan diet - being an organic, predominate vegetarian is not sufficient.

You should not drink well water.

You should not drink tap water.

You should not drink bottled water.

You should make sure to double your intake of water.

You should not eat any meat that has been grilled or pan-seared.

You should not eat any red meat whatsoever.

You should not any type of animal protein what-so-ever, including seafood.

Don't consume soy-based foods -- soy is a natural estrogen and increases breast cancer risk.

You should be doing an infrared sauna at least 4x per week.

You should not wear bras with underwire. Underwire increases the risk of breast cancer.

You should be consuming 3000-10,000 IU of Vitamin D daily. Lack of Vitamin D is a factor in breast cancer.

You should not be taking any Vitamin D supplements - high doses of Vitamin D can lead to toxicity.

You should be having your iodine levels checked every six weeks.

You should be having your Vitamin D levels checked every six weeks.

You should be tested for heavy metals.

You should be drinking Yerba Mate tea daily for its antioxidants.

You should be drinking Green Tea daily for its antioxidants.

You should be getting weekly massages to help detox your body.

You should not be having massages while you do bodywork.

and my three favs...

You should be doing a coffee colonic weekly. The properties in coffee can combat the acidity in your digestive system.

You should be doing a candida colonic bi-weekly - to remove yeast from your intestines. The presence of yeast undermines your immune system -- which can increase your susceptibility to a recurrence.

You should be doing a colon hydrotherapy weekly to detox your system.


  1. I am so sorry and embarrased about the lack of spell-checking that went on with the original posting ;=P ... my bad.

  2. It occurs to me, after reading your above fave recommendations regarding colon cleansing, that some people are still in the anal stage and will not likely advance past it.