Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Dip


I find that most times I am my own worst distraction. Which is probably why I put so much energy into work and advocacy. It takes me out of my own head. That said, I am being told -- externally and internally that I...ABSOLUTELY...NEED...TO...SLOW...DOWN.

It is when I slow down, however, that I become more acutely aware of the crowded real estate masquerading as my brain.

I shared with someone that I wanted to come back in my next life as a Bottle nosed Dolphin. That then, I would slow down.

She guffawed and said that even as a Dolphin I would dive (bad pun intended) into fostering baby dolphins and create and run a non-profit: SMfMR (Sea Mammals for Marine Restoration). 

She is spot on. And, quite frankly, it doesn't sound like a bad plan.

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