Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hannah's Mommy Kicks Butt

Dear Cancer,

I am well aware that you now consider yourself a part of our world. You are a miserable house guest, leaving your garbage everywhere, making us take you around to places we had not planned on going, acting like you are one of the family and hanging out with us everywhere.

You bully my daughter. You have taken her hair, her freedom,her health, her sports --you pick at her until the pain is unbearable. Don't you realize that everyone sees you for what you are? No one takes your side, they are too busy protecting Hannah's spirit---she will kick your butt when you least expect it.

We have ways of making you go. Chemo is a great ally but Chemo's power comes at a price. With no immunity, even a flu bug means a few days in the hospital. But the chemo will work--we have references:) We should be getting good news from the front lines today.

We have an army of family and friends that is unstoppable.You are no match for the love and prayer in our arsenal.

I get it cancer. you're here. You make you presence known every minute. But you can go now---like it or not, you are not welcome in our home, in our lives. Consider this an eviction notice. We will continue to use every tactic possible to get you out of Hannah's life. When you are gone, we will change all the locks and never let you near us again.

And I hope the door hits you(hard) on the way out.

Hannah's Mommy

Hannah is a lovely teenager whom I have known since birth. She was the rambunctious toddler with the corkscrew mane of wild honey-colored hair that you could pinpoint in the crowded shul on Shabbos. Hannah, like her hair, was inclined to "Tigger-bounce". She has grown into a lovely, kind, intelligent, articulate young woman (she takes after her mommy!).
On March 6, 2012, Hannah was diagnosed with stage 4b Hodgkin's Lymphoma.


  1. TC: I'm so sorry to read this about your dear friend Hannah. I am sending everyone virtual hugs!!!

    PS I love that you gave cancer an eviction notice. Let's change ALL of cancer's locks!

    1. Hey Renn and Beth - Just a point of clarification...Hannah's mommy gave the Big C the eviction notice. I am a mere spectator.

  2. Love this powerful, powerful posting! Like Renn, I love the eviction notice, too.