Wednesday, December 30, 2009

PSA - Benefits of Vitamin C . . . (First Installment)


High Dose Vitamin C and Cancer - What It Does

High doses of Vitamin C can be taken orally or intravenously. High doses - oral or intravenous vitamin c - have a negative effect on cancer cell growth. Vitamin C also enhances the immune system by increased lymphocyte production, walls off tumors by stimulating collagen formation, prevents metastasis, expedites wound healing after cancer surgery, neutralizes carcinogenic substances and prevents cellular free radical damage. High dose - oral or intravenous vitamin c - also has an ameliorating effect on the side effects of the highly oxidative chemotherapeutic agents. Some of the side effects of chemotherapy are so severe that many patients stop therapy as a result. It has been shown to increase the lifespan of some cancer patients when receiving 10 100 grams 2-7 times per week of vitamin c – more notably when chemotherapy has not already been used.

High Dose - oral or intravenous vitamin C - inhibits hyaluronidase, an enzyme that tumors use to metastasize and invade other organs throughout the body. It induces apoptosis to help program cancer cells into dying early. It corrects the almost universal scurvy in cancer patients. Cancer patients undergoing conventional adjuvant treatments are normally tired, listless, bruise easily and have a poor appetite. They don't sleep well and have a low threshold for pain. This adds up to a very classic picture of scurvy that generally goes unrecognized by conventional physicians.

When cancer patients receive high doses - oral or intravenous vitamin C - they report that their pain level goes down, and that they are better able to tolerate their chemotherapy. They bounce back quicker since the high dose Vitamin C reduces the toxicity of the chemotherapy and radiation without compromising their cancer cell killing effects. High Dose - oral or intravenous vitamin c - is complementary to oncologic care. It is not "either/or" - it's a good "both/and" proposition. High Dose - oral or intravenous vitamin c can help cancer patients withstand the effects of their traditional therapies, heal faster, be more resilient to infection, develop a better appetite, and remain more active overall. These things promote a better response to cancer therapy.

TC Post Script: I have chosen not to do either chemotherapy or radiation. I have, however, been on a regimen of 60 grams of IV Vitamin C weekly since my mastectomy; and I orally ingest 3000 mgs of Vitamin C supplements daily.

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