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Hi TC,

Happy twenty ten. I hope this is a better year for you.

My daughter has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I wonder if you can share information you feel may be helpful for her.

The preliminary report was that it is the most common type of breast cancer they see (whatever that means) and she was told it was encapsulated. She is able to see her test results on-line, and said she saw that it was the aggressive type. She hasn't seen the surgeon yet, so this is all I know to date. BTW, she is 44 years old. Anything you can share will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Response (I am not so arrogant as to believe I have any answers):

First, I am so sorry that you are being so touched by b.c. It sounds like it is ductal carcinoma. She needs to research, research, research! She should not make any decisions from a position of fear (or emotionally bullying) by the medical professionals. Cancer is typically indolent, and if it has been detected in an early stage she need not feel pressured to opt for any course of action immediately before she fully explores all of her options.

My own cancer is Invasive Lobular Carcinoma -- less common, but generally: DCIS is encapsulated within the milk ducts and there are different types - Comedo happens to be the more aggressive type in that of the types of DCIS - it would spread more quickly than the other types. Having said that it is a very early form of breast cancer, and is still classified as stage -0-.

She should pay the $500 and have her diagnostic records sent to Dr. Michael Lagios in the Bay Area. I know she is out-of-state, but he does phone consults. He will go over her diagnosis and fully advise her as to a course of action, in addition to re-evaluating her diagnosis. I found Lagios to be informed, sensitive, a “non-cookie cutter" doc who was integral in my own research and exploration.

Breast Cancer Consultation Service
Michael D. Lagios, M.D. • (415) 789-0965 - The Breast Cancer Consultation Service.

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