Saturday, January 9, 2010

What's YOUR Breast Cancer IQ?

This last week I noted that women all over Facebook were "flying their colors," ostensibly to heighten awareness of breast cancer. What woman (or man) on Facebook is NOT aware, on some level, as to the existence & insidious prevalence of breast cancer? The REAL challenge is testing your breast cancer IQ.

How many are aware that despite the collective million steps taken and the commensurate millions of $$$$ raised that the treatment of breast cancer has changed little in the last 50 years?

How many of us question whether the assertion that deaths related to breast cancer are on the decline have more to do with creative accounting than medical successes?

Who stops to think about the hypocrisy and insult...and downright greed displayed by the tens of thousands of corporate dollar donations to breast cancer foundations while these same corporations concurrently report millions of dollars of profit from their cancer-causing products?

How much do we truly know about the breast cancer INDUSTRY? And how much of what we unwittingly do supports, if not perpetuates the industry, not the cure?

I challenge each of you, before you walk, run, pink, or fly your colors, to first be aware of whose cause you are truly benefiting.

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