Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PSA - Support Toxic Chemical Reform

Dear Tamera,

There's been a sea-change and we need to keep the momentum going. The President's Cancer Panel (PCP), which represents the "mainstream" voice when it comes to cancer, recently adopted a position on environmental causes of cancer that we heartily support.

The April 2010 report issued by the PCP, "Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk: What We Can Do Now," takes a huge step forward - it recommends taking a precautionary approach to environmental contaminants and studying vulnerable populations (including low-income communities) that more often reside in highly polluted areas. It also calls for a more effective system to ensure that chemicals are proven safe before they are put on the market. Two decades of advocating for a healthier world are now resulting in calls for action at the highest levels!

Breast Cancer Action applauds the PCP for its thoughtful report and urges our leaders in Congress to take immediate action to reduce environmental cancer risks.

Join the Environmental Working Group in telling your Senators to support toxic chemicals reform!
If you feel inspired by this report, seize this moment and join us in supporting our allies at the Environmental Working Group by signing their online petition to ask your Senators to co-sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act. This legislation will strengthen our currently ineffective chemical regulatory system by requiring manufacturers to prove the safety of their products before consumers are exposed to them.

It only takes a minute - and the health of everyone depends on it. Thank you very much for supporting this legislation - and our work - that will lead to healthier, less toxic environments for all of us.

Be well,

Barbara A. Brenner, J.D.
Executive Director

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