Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jilted ??

I feel like a jilted school girl, waiting by the phone to hear from the jerk that couldn't even remember my name the next morning...hoping that he will call asking for that second date (not that I would ever know what that was like).

The surgical onc and radiation onc - who work in tandem, were both adamant about the urgency of me getting the breast MRI. Which was done a day and half after I saw radiation onc, and scheduled by her office while I was there. Radiation onc was "not comfortable" with me waiting to have the recommended surgery after I got back from moving my 19 year old into her sophomore dorms. I would be flying back from New Hampshire on September 12. When I left surgical one's office she said that soon as she got the MRI results we would needed to do a sit down and schedule surgery - she said she would call.

"Nurse Ratched" at radiation onc's office told Mary (see last post) that radiation onc was going to call me imminently.

Urgency, urgency, urgency. Hurry up and wait.

It has now been 8 days since I saw surgical onc. Seven days since I saw radiation onc. Six days since I had the MRI. Four days since the report arrived on their respective fax machines.

I have not had a ring from anyone. Jilted!       

But, like every self-respecting school-girl, I am like soooo over them! [Insert: rolling of eyes, and a toss of the hair with hip jutted out for emphasis.]      

As with all, smart, jilted lovers (and yes, that was a self-serving pat on the back!) I have moved on to alternative pastures. Dr. John, ND (who is much cuter than either of the aforementioned ladies, btw) gave me my first Ozone Therapy treatment last evening. Besides a bruised vein and sore bicep, not too bad. Saturday I have the first of four sessions in the Life Vessel (Google it. Its right up there with the pods from Invasion of the Body Snatchers!), and I am topping off my Saturday with an IV nightcap of high dose vitamin C. Check out older posts from 2010 - four installments on therapeutic benefits of vitamin C. (Not that it seemed to be 100% effective during ILC-Round #1.)

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