Tuesday, August 23, 2011

John C. Lincoln Breast Health & Research Center...Revisited

Sigh...they call, but they don't leave voice mail messages. Not even a cursory message identifying themselves and asking for a call back. Why is that?

Hi. This is TC...I missed a call from you?

That wasn't me, I will forward you to our scheduler.

No, I don't need to schedule. I am trying to find out whether my Breast MRI results are completed.

That would be Mary. One moment.

This is Mary...Yes, they are ready. I am faxing them over to Radiation Onc right now.

Can you fax them to me as well.  
The 5 ft Pink Ribbon
announcing that you
have arrived at BH&RC
 No. HIPAA does not allow me. Call Radiation Onc and she can tell you the results. 

Right. Can you tell me the results.

No. HIPAA does not allow me to do that. I am not a nurse or doctor. Call Radiation Onc.

You see Mary, Radiation Onc and her personal "Nurse Ratched" are not good doing "phone."

If you were here, I could hand you the report.

I will come, and call Radiation Onc.

I leave a voice mail message for Radiation Onc as well as"Nurse Ratched."

I arrive at BH&RC. I wait for Mary. While I am waiting, I snap a few pics of the main reception area with my cell phone - being careful not to violate any one's privacy. The pic of the glowing pink pony wall doesn't give it illuminating justice.
One of 3 Glowing Pink
Pony Walls in the
 Reception Area

Mary comes out and meets with me. Apologizes for the restraint that she is under. Mary asks me if I have spoken with Radiation Onc, because she confirmed with "Nurse Ratched" that they received the report; and she let them know I was asking for my results. "Nurse Ratched" reportedly assured Mary that they would call me first thing.

No. They didn't.

Mary gives me the report - YEAH...Good news, kinda: "...[no] suspicious areas of enhancement on the right side. Oval mass [in left axillary tail] is consistent with a pathological lymph node and is positive for malignancy." Okay, nothing new, thank you Mary. But...Mary, the report states: "No prior exams were available for comparison. What happened to the three CDs I left with the nurse for the sole purpose of comparison?"

Cell Phone does not quite capture the
sparkly nature of the Reception chandelier
You left us films?               

Yes. Three CDs: first Breast MRI; PetScan; and Breast Ultrasounds.

View to the left of the door
leading into the MRI exam

Excuse me. Let me locate those. . Yes, we have located those and the report will have to be amended after Doctor reviews. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Mary is nice. Never shoot the messenger.

BTW - its is 6:30 p.m. PST. Radiation Onc's office has not called.

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