Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just Another Tasty Thursday

Living with a chronic disease makes daily life interesting, even in the most quiet of times. There are days, only five or seven per week, where the day plays out more like a classic country song. And cancer is only the seasoning.

Today was such a day.


My daughter is mentally ill.

My grandchildren are heavily medicated.

My dog had to be put down.

Think I will call my lawyer.

We can't get the documents we needed yesterday.

My 12 year old tried to commit suicide.

Her younger sister is cutting herself.

Think I will call my lawyer.

The court won't follow the federal mandate.

The government agency hasn't complied...for 14 years.

My aunt won't give back my meth-addicted sister's children.

Will you be her lawyer?

My attorney screwed up.

The trial is next Monday.

The deadline for the appeal is in two days.

Will you be our lawyer?

. . . .Oh, and can you do it pro bono?   ~ TWANG ~