Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Things People Say...


Feeling under the weather, still. Been battling my annual pneumonia, that came early this year. Recall pneumonia has been a part of my annual health cycle since 2009, and five months after my stage III ILC diagnosis. This time, however, pneumonia brought a friend: Shingles. I will tell you first hand shingles ain't sexy. In fact, she is a first-class b*tch! Oh, and these immune depressing buddies were keeping a fractured toe and small metatarsal bones in my left foot company.   But I digress.

All of this occurred in mid August, and the residuals of all three remain with me. Probably something to do with the 11-18 hour days I have been putting in 6-7 days a week.  But, again I digress.

In trying to regain some foothold on my compromised immune system, I went over this morning to my Whole Foods juice bar. I am fortunate that in walking distance from my office I have both a Whole Foods and a Starbucks -- between these two cash-suckers I can feed my addictive beasties in many many ways!   Ah, digression.

This a.m. I was looking at my juicing options and confirmed with the counter worker, as I always do, that the WF berries* used in the concoctions are not organic. This adorable cherub face looked at me with her flawless unmade face and large doe-brown eyes and said, enthusiastically,

"No they are not, but they are all natural."

Oh, aren't all fruit natural?

"Well, we don't add anything to our fruit."

Oh, aren't they just frozen fruit?

"Yes, and they are all natural"

 But the berries are not organic?

 "No, but all of our frozen fruit is all natural."

Gotcha!? I will take the mango and oranges.

* Eating berries of any type that are not organic is problematic. Berries are very porous. As such, they absorb all the pesticides and other materials they are exposed to. My take, ingesting a handful of conventionally grown raspberries would give me my monthly quota of pesticides and would negate any nutritional value. Conventional fruit with heavy peels, on th other hand, are safer IF you wash the peel thoroughly before cutting into it. I ingest enough toxins just walking through my day.



  1. Wow, how perceptive she is...All-natural! that's scary, about the organic vs inorganic. Hope the physical issues and their pains and discomforts have decreased-shingles, toes etc

    1. Hi Thandi...on step at a time (bad pun so intended :) )

      Thanks for stopping by!