Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Things People Say . . .

. . . to those with cancer and their loved ones.

My husband's elder cousin, who is 82, was inquiring (while he was on a speaker phone at our office),

How are things going with TC, is there anything we should know?

Well, her last PetScan has some oddities that she is following up on, and they found another small tumor in her lymph nodes.

Sorry to hear that. Well radiation will knock that out, right?

TC has never opted for radiation or chemotherapy.

Well, if it is any consolation, our friend Mr. J., they found a tumor. They checked him into the hospital and gave him an intense doses of radiation and kicked that tumor right out of him!

Glad to hear that.

Yeah, well, he caught MRSA in the hospital and died 3 days later - nasty case. But that radiation sure worked on the tumor!



  1. Some of the stuff a person hears is pretty incredible isn't it? The trick is figuring out a snappy comeback.

    1. Hi Nancy. My husband keeps me laughing with his quick wit, but with his cousin he takes the policy of "less is more." :)