Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Things Doctors Say . . .

. . . I will preface, I am skeptically enthusiastic about my new GYN. I had to find her because my other new GYN, whom I was skeptically enthusiastic about last year, has ditched conventional GYN care.  My newest newbie, who is no-nonsense and a look-you-in-the-eye kinda gal, won brownie points with me today when she performed my ultrasound in-office, had read my med hx, and essentially confirmed that the radiologist who reads my PetScans is a moron: (1) contrary to his findings (which he confirmed after a second look) I do NOT have a prominent uterus displaying heterogeneous metabolic activity; and (2) contrary to his findings (which he confirmed after two second looks) I have NOT spontaneously re-grown my right ovary - a little item that was surgically removed in 1981 during a right-salpingo ooverectomy. She did, however, find dime-sized cysts...but that is another appointment and not of any remarkable concern.

Then, my newbie said the darnedest thing.

I was thinking about you yesterday.

Really, because it was birthday?

Chuckle...no, but Happy Birthday!  A patient who came in yesterday was visibly upset. I asked her what was wrong. She told me that her BFF had just died. Apparently her friend had been diagnosed with breast cancer three years prior. A few weeks ago this friend started having shortness of breath. She was diagnosed with Valley Fever and her PCP started treating her as such. Then she started having headaches. When she collapsed and taken to hospital, they found she had masses in both her lungs and brain. She died 5 days later.

I immediately thought of you.


What is your doctor doing about your breathing issues?

The antibiotics didn't work. The breathing treatment worked only for a day. The steroid shot too only gave relief for a day. They want to now assess me for Valley Fever.

Get a second opinion if that is the conclusion.



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