Saturday, July 9, 2011

It is NEVER lupus!

****** Nearly four days of running tests: CTs; Laparoscopy; Ultrasounds; Scopes; Contrast CTs. Nearly four days of unsuccessful prepping for other diagnostics...unsuccessful because we discover that I am allergic to iodine and ended up spending 18 hours vomiting. No small feat since I had not eaten anything solid (only IV fluids) since the morning of May 3.  Unsuccessful because intermittent with the vomiting, I had full body convulsions when the iodine hit my bloodstream that required a crash team intervention. Unsuccessful because the pain meds that they kept pumping into my body caused blinding rebound headaches.

While discussing the inclusive results, and what courses of action were next being considered, Scottsdale Shea Attending Doc states to my health care power of attorney (a/k/a/ husband) -- in the most serious of tones...well, we know it is not lupus.

I remember pulling the pillow away from my eyes. I blinked rapidly to clear my vision so I could take a good look at Attending Doc's punim. He was serious!

Deprivation, pain, toxic shock...a combo of all of the above...I start laughing hysterically. OF COURSE IT IS NOT LUPUS...IT NEVER IS!

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