Saturday, July 30, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Given the opportunity, children - at whatever age, are truly amazing beings. My kids excel at amazing. Last night, my 19 year old and I are sitting on her bed and I ask so what are we doing...? She lowers her chin, looks me in the eye, and flatly states: You know I am really pissed off at you!

Yeah, I know, why?

Why have you not told me your are sick again!??

...the upshot, SHE reads my blog. Who knew?

I knew I had better talk to my 21 year old. (Yeah! She is home for the weekend.) My baby has come a long way.

I had a fabulous talk with both my girls, and I learned a very important lesson, again. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR CHILDREN'S ABILITY TO HANDLE LIFE.

I love them so very much.

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  1. Well, my kids are about the same age as yours. One of them reads my blog, one does once in a while and I'm pretty sure the other never reads it. I totally agree with you. We should NEVER underestimate our children's ability to handle life. I try to be honest most of the time, but it isn't always easy is it? Glad you had such a great discussion with your girls.