Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Deja Vu Calling...

****** The requested blah blah blah biopsy is/was for a CT-Guided Biopsy. Apparently, it is difficult to biopsy axillary nodes with a CT-Guided assist. So, now it is a go for an ultrasound guided biopsy. T-minus 15 hours and counting.

Onc showed and earned some true colors. Onc was uncomfortable with the Confident Arrogant Prick's statements to me [refer back to blog entry dated July 8]. Yes, I did share CAP's comments with her, via her sentinels. I wanted to make sure there wasn't an alternative to "being a bleeder." Onc called me personally, after-hours...no less. She wanted to confirm CAP's comments and share her alarm with me. She also called the next day after she consulted with a radiologist on her preference list - who was equally appalled, reportedly.

Upshot, I am scheduled with Preferred Radiologist for the ultrasound guided biopsy. I will miss CAP's Nurse Christy, however. She was after all, a damn good Certified Breast Patient Navigator in Breast Imaging and Cancer Care! (No kidding, it said so on the wall certificates at the imaging center.)

It has crossed my mind to ask why I did not get referred to PR initially, but deja vu is a tough enough beast to contend with without me always asking the obvious.

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