Thursday, August 20, 2009

Countdown & Checklist

With my mastectomy looming just hours away, it is time to go over the requisite checklist:

1) Derma-planning followed by an Osagi peel. DONE (It will be bad enough to be the Bride of Frankenstein this time tomorrow, but I cannot handle being the Bride of the Wolfman too!)

2) Pedicure and manicure. ALMOST DONE (With the multitude of down-time in the OR and recovery, g-d forbid someone should glance upon the toes and be given another reason to snicker!)

3) Packed lovely customized post-surgical camis. OY VEY, DONE! (And yes, they come complete with their own little portable "fluffies" & not ask!)

4) Made the kids' school lunches (Because radiology wants me sooooooo early in the a.m. that it makes me wonder what they plan to do with me for 6 hours. So very glad my surgery is not being done at a teaching hospital!)

5) Explained to 8 year-old son's teacher, who called at 9 p.m., that "no" I was not having surgery on the entire left-side of my body from brain to foot. DONE?? (Re-explained to 8 year old too!)

6) Read 8 year-old an extra long bedtime story and danced with him to a Weird Al Yankovic CD. (Yes, it can be DONE.)

7) Watched kids sleeping (even the 17 year old). LET THAT PLEASURE NEVER BE DONE!

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  1. Hi There,
    Bruce and I are just getting ready to head back up to Glen Canyon for our last two Trash Tracker trips. We are going to be thinking about you and sending lots of love.

    Pat & Bruce George