Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Which is the bigger challenge?

There seemed to be a consistent theme in correspondence I received today, as well as in conversations. The common thread had to do with "allowing others to take care of me" while I venture down this route...(or, as I fondly like to think of it...being sucked down the vortex of the industrial complex called breast cancer).

I will confess, I am so the Type A++++ personality! I admit it, I desperately want to grow up to be Miranda Priestly (you know, the b*tch who wore Prada!). As such, it is likely that the challenge of embracing my own vulnerabilities and allowing people to be witness to those vulnerabilities will definitely be the greater of the challenges facing me.

A personal lesson I'm sure I should contemplate seriously.

OH...the hell with it, even the Bride of Frankenstein would have looked good in Prada!

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