Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Countdown...

While embarking on this forced-path, I have made an infuriating discovery. Despite the gross and seemingly exploitative merchandising associated with breast cancer in this country...the medical supply industry does not make "post-surgical" garments in my size!!!!

I am not talking about "things that would be nice to have." But rather, those items that are "necessities" for post-surgical healing. Yet, despite the need, the "industry" of cancer does not find it cost-effective to make these garments in XS. So, as I go through the poking, prodding, and blood leeching (and don't get me started on the contradiction of "pre-surgery" exposure to radiation in the name of diagnostic x-rays), I have to also "tailor" my own "lovely" fashion additions.

So tonight I will have the uplifting task of "stitching my own noose."

As Roseanne Roseanneadanna would say: "What is up with that????"

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