Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Unveiling & Transition


The torment of the "tube top" is over! I have now transitioned into a "training bra" Yes Alice, it truly is possible to go back and revisit puberty at 47 years of age!

My 19 year old daughter called from college today. She was inquiring about the unveiling from the surgery. She wanted to know what the scars looked like (both from mastectomy and the 1st stage of reconstructive surgery (yes, sigh, there are stages...!) She was oozing unrestrained curiosity. "So...what does IT look like?"

"Hmmm...well sweetie, remember playing with play-dough when you were little and how your rollie balls would always end up a little misshapen? You know, smooth on one side and just a little lumpy on the other? And, then, how they felt after you left it out on the patio too long? Hard, crumbly...well................"

The funny thing is, after all the mental preparation for the dreaded lopsidedness; the culling of the creative fashion juices for the public appearances; the embarrassing fitting - not to mention giddy embracing of the "fluffies" (and you still do not want to know) -- there is absolutely NO apparent size difference between the play-dough ball and the real deal!

I am not sure what I was expecting. In fact, I think I was void of expectations at this early stage of the C-Battle. As such, today indeed brought a "surprise."

I'm sure that in the light of dawn I will find my dough-ball a pleasant some sort of backward, wickedly humorous, mother-naturey kinda way. At a sleepless 1 a.m., however, I'm only feeling the wicked.

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  1. Good morning Tamera,
    Well, it appears that you were up late last night. It seems like each day has a new adventure in store for you and with that another step forward for the recovery and healing process. Your story is better than a soap opera (which I don't watch) but I do read your blog. It sounds like you are doing well and you are on the healing track.

    I am preparing for the board meeting which I am sure is high on your priority list :-) It doesn't seem like there will be a very large group today and most that are attending are calling in. I am going to send the scholarship application and the grant brochure to the printer so he can create a proof. Once it is ready I will bring it by your office so when you are ready you can have one final look before it goes to print, wow 2 big projects almost finished, yea!
    Rest your body and mind, Karen L.