Friday, October 7, 2011

Inspirational Prosthetics? Really??...Marketing hits below the bra line!

What can I say... I got this brochure in the mail today. And, in the words of the dear-departed cultural icon, Liz Taylor, "I was knocked off my pink cloud!"

What is the Inspiration Series?

American Breast Care is so excited to introduce the Inspiration Series to you. We are so happy that you've decided to embark on this journey with us. This new line of breast forms feature a special imprint of an inspirational message on the back of one of our best-selling breast forms - the Flowable Back Triangle.

Our Flowable Back Triangle features a gel back that conforms to the curves of your chest wall. This gives you a more secure and comfortable fit.

The Inspiration Form not only fits and functions well, but it also serves as a gentle reminder that will keep you inspired throughout the day. Feel great knowing that you have a little something extra resting on the inside.

For this season, we share with you this special quote:
"Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons."


  1. Wow TC. All I have to say is What The.......?

  2. Attachable breast forms that fix well are so hard to find. My aunt was having that problem.