Sunday, October 9, 2011

Random Thought Sunday (10/9/2011) ... or the Practical Side of Cancer

Weird. I don't have a fear of dying. Dying is an inescapable outcome of having been born. The source of my stress is knowing that I may very well be on a definitive time-clock and I have so much to do. I am not talking maudlin, self-pity bucket list, to dos. I am talking about practical...getting my family life in order so as not to leave chaos in my wake, to dos.

I have to get documents in order. Life insurance policies, 401Ks, accounts...etc.
I have to get the houses in order. (No kidding, I am doing weekly trips with donations to Goodwill!)
I have to familiarize my life and business partner on how I manage the daily affairs on both fronts.
I have to get my nonprofit (Arizona Friends of Foster Children ~ yes, that was a plug) stable so I can feel comfortable to step down after nearly 16 years.
I have to continue to get my hundreds of client files scanned and archived for the "what ifs."
I have a vacillating need to seek resolution with all those relationships that formed and informed me through my life, just so as not to have any "what ifs."

Weird. This sense of urgency to do is very similar to the nesting feelings I had each and every time I was pregnant.

The reality of both life and death...two very big motivators to put your life into high gear.

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