Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunday's Spillage

....and now for something completely random....

The posting of Sunday's Random Thought only generated more thinking. As I subtly indicated, I am not one for labels, but since the marketing of cancer requires some form of appellation, I started thinking of possibilities...

[Cancer] Sojourner (n)

a person who resides temporarily in a place ....  well maybe not. Temporary is subject to too many meanings.

[Cancer] Journeyer (n)

one who goes on a journey .... add in, "especially to territories unknown," and this has potential.

[Cancer] Explorer (n)

someone who travels into little known regions (especially for some scientific purpose). ... now this definitely hits a chord with me.  Preface with UNWILLING EXPLORER and this may hit the mark. I can't see pink industry marketers doing cartwheels, however.

But these just don't sell the product does it? 

They just don't capture the essence of cancer, do they?

These labels don't make a person want to run out and participate in retail philanthropy.

To sell a product or commodity...the Madmen[tm] have found the following to be effective. This does not make me question the Madmen [tm], but rather, their perception of the consumer. Check out NancysPoint for a different, but important take on marketing and feminism:

Junior High mentality (no offense to 13
year olds intended)

Does Campbell's use lead-free and aluminum
free cans? Check out the list of preservatives!

This pretty much sums up the driving force
behind the pinkindustry

Yeah...Biff is thinking about the lack of strides in finding
the CAUSE & CURE for breast cancer while
swinging on the back nine

Just don't inhale when using this product

Beer Pong Table...Really????

...there are no words for
 the feelings this ad invokes

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