Sunday, October 16, 2011

Random Thought Sunday (10/16/2011)

We need another label. These just don't work for me.

Yes, technically I am a patient, since I am undergoing treatment for a chronic disease. But the word "patient" conjures up antiseptic hospital rooms and off-the rack backless gowns. This just does not speak to me.

The definitions of survivor make my skin crawl. ...remaining alive after...others have died. True, to some extent, for some.    ...copes well with difficulties in life. Coping is relative. Coping well is purely subjective. Ironically, it is the public expectation that persons with cancer do nothing but cope well. No one likes a poorly or misbehaved person dealing with cancer. They don't make good poster icons for fundraisers. I can't fit myself into the paradigm of survivor.

Victim resonates: tricked, duped, offered up as a sacrifice to the pink industry. But victimization also requires a certain acquiescence. I will not go down that path.

We need another label, or better yet ... no label at all.

 noun     /pey-shuh nt]

                1. A person who is under medical care or treatment.
              2. A person or thing that undergoes some action.

              3. Archaic ~  A sufferer or victim.
noun /sərˈvīvər/ 
  1. A person who survives, esp. a person remaining alive after an event in which others have died

  2. The remainder of a group of people or things
  3. A person who copes well with difficulties in their life
  4. A joint tenant who has the right to the whole estate on the other's death

noun /ˈviktəm/ 

  1. A person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action
    • A person who is tricked or duped
    • A living creature killed as a religious sacrifice


    1. TC, I don't like all the cancer labels either. And there seem to be so many of them! I avoid most whenever I can. Guess you do too!

    2. Nancy ~ labels are monikers we put onto others so we can comfortably fit them into our own psyche. That said, I truly am concerned by the in point your blog on feminism and breast cancer.

      Thank you! ~ TC