Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jumping on the Pink Bandwagon

Maybe I have been too judgmental. "Awareness" remains a critical need during Pinktober, and throughout the year. Case in point:

I walk into our neighborhood Safeway store last evening with my 10 year old son. As I am in the check out line, the 10 year old spies a large handwritten sign that announces: REGISTER NOW TO WIN AN iPAD2!

Mom, can I go check it out?

He goes over to the table with the display. Yes, it is to benefit breast cancer, but it does not say which pinkindustry is sponsoring the drawing, the cost of tickets, or which non-profit is going to reap the proceeds. And, there are no entry forms

The manager eyes my son investigating the table, and then me. He walks over to me and informs, enthusiastically, that: yes my son may enter to win, would I like one ticket for $10 or 5 tickets for $50 (retail price break).

I ask who is sponsoring: Safeway (obvious)

I ask to whom is it benefiting: Breast Cancer (okay, obvious again...he must think I am a moron at this point)

I am still gnawing on the price break.

I rephrase. To which organization will Safeway be ~ donating (?) the funds: the funds will stay locally (what does that mean)

Deep breath...he is management after all.

I probe further. Which local organization will Safeway be giving the money raised from the ticket sales for the iPad2. Safeway  (WT....???)

Oh, Safeway has its own breast cancer organization: No, um, some money will go to Tucson (okay, I am in for a pound now)

Which organization in Tucson: Oh, there a lot of them in Tucson that do good work for breast cancer

And those would be: The large medical ones (price break goes to priceless)

I tell him that I think I am going to pass on purchasing the tickets. He still tries one last shot at inducing me to buy: Oh, and some of the money is going to Susan G. Komen, they do a lot in researching breast cancer awareness! That is a great cause.

Oh yes, yes it is!

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